WWII Replica US JQMD 1943 Web Belt 54 inch

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AIRCORPCAMO WWII Replica Khaki Web Belt stamped US JQMD 1943 with M1937 Black Open Face Buckle

The khaki web belt was used by Army enlisted men with all types of trousers. It had an open-face buckle of blackened metal, a tip of the same metal, was 1.25 in. wide, and lengths up to 60" can be cut to fit. The open face design was abandoned after WW II and the enlisted men used the same solid buckle as the officers after the mid-1950s.

Belts made during World War II are ink stamped with markings, In example; "U.S.", then "JQMD 1943" in smaller letters, then the size printed at a right angle next to buckle, Of course the date and size will vary with the belt.

The AIRCORPCAMO Replica is stamped with the following ink stamp which is all the same size "US JQMD 1943" and unlike the originals; no size is printed at right angle. Made with high quality khaki cotton webbing, M1937 black open-face buckle & matching black tip.

This belt is a REPRODUCTION/REPLICA from documented WWII records/artifacts, and the markings were purposely and intentionally placed and printed to prevent an attempted forgery.

The replica belts are cut in 3 sizes only, 44 inch, 54 inch, and 64 inch. The buckle must be removed to shorten belt by cutting/removing material. No warranty is maintained to cover you cutting off the belt tip. A new belt tip is $0.99 and can be self installed. Made to order in cases where inventory shows 0.

 WWII Reproduction Military Khaki Web Belt with Black Open Face M1937 Buckle. Use in your trousers, pants, fatigues to hold them up. THIS IS NOT A PISTOL BELT 

 Aircorpcamo can ship these belts cheaper through our Etsy Shop.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Reenactors should remember, (especially early war impressions) most of the gear would either be
WWI left-over or NEW OR NEAR NEW gear. It would not look 50 years old if it is 1937 issued in 1941, ETC.


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