Kids Army Woodland Camo Helmet

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Product Overview

Kids Army Woodland Camo Helmet is just like the real thing! Designed to look like the M-1 helmet which was used WWII through Vietnam era. This kids replica Vietnam era style helmet is fully adjustable too.  You can be sure to keep your helmet on throughout even the toughest of missions.

  • Kids Army Woodland Camo Helmet

  • Strong And Robust Quality Product

  • Includes Replica Set Of 4 cartridges & a Playing Card placed in helmet band

  • Adjustable size to fit ages 5 years to 14 years


After its adoption in 1941, the M-1 Steel Helmet became the symbol of U.S. military forces and was used world-wide by all branches of the services for the duration of World War II, in Korea, and through the Vietnam War. The M1 helmet was replaced by the Kevlar PASGT helmet, first fielded to U.S. military units in the early 1980s.

The Woodland Pattern was the default camouflage pattern issued to the United States Armed Forces. Introduced in 1981 and began to be replaced by all branches during era 2002-2011.