Kid's Army Military Style Camo Netting 7.2 ft. x 4.9 ft.

Military Style Camo Netting with mesh backing that also comes in a nice color box, making it an ideal gift for that young military enthusiast. If they’re good enough for the military, then they’re good enough for us! These Military Style Camo Nets are the best way to camouflage your den. Boys build a den, girls play house.

  • Military Style Camo Netting 7.2 ft. x 4.9 ft. 
  • Color Box – Ideal Gift
  • This military style camo net is strong and durable
  • Suitable for any indoor or outdoor adventure.
  • Has a mesh backing for extra strength
  • Just like the big boys & girls use in the DOD.
Did you Know
DOD is acronym for Department of Defense
Mil-Spec means made to DOD specifications for the military
GSA Compliant means item is approved for DOD purchase for the military
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