Reminder to Support Small Businesses

Posted by Chip on 8th Sep 2021

Reminder to Support Small Businesses

Support small businesses for every purchase and avoid large box stores when possible. Retailers are also having a problem with shrinking sources for goods and made in China seems to be the unavoidable norm. Ironically, 20 years ago it wasn't a problem with buyers to buy made in China all day long at big box stores, like Walmart.

Military surplus is also becoming a thing of the past with the US Government focus on utilizing gear longer and not disposing of it through usual channels, some items are destroyed instead of sale because of previous liability and frivolous lawsuits. Gone are the installation auctions, replaced by online auction where the competition is larger, denser and fiercer.  Entrepreneurs are then forced to buy and sell only new aftermarket military style goods instead of new and used military surplus.

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Clifton Cason - Team National Independent Marketing Director