Aircorpcamo G.I. Type 12-pack P-38 Can Openers

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Aircorpcamo G.I. Type 12-pack P-38 Can Openers

12 Pieces in a Poly-bag, With Mil-j-0837 Engraving , 1 1/2 Inches X 5/8 Inches , Tip Extends 1/2 Inch.

The P-38 was originally developed in 1942 for the Army, made out of stamped steel and was issued with K-rations to the troops. K-rations later replaced by C-rations and the P-38 remained a soldier's companion. In the 1980's the C-rations were replaced by Meals-Ready-to-Eat (MRE) and the need for a can opener was no longer needed. Known as the “John Wayne” style can opener, the hand can opener is a small but useful tool that has been used by generations of military personnel and is a great addition to anyone's survival kit! The key chain/dog tag chain hole allows the military can opener to be readily available at any time by attaching to your keys or dog tag chain, and is engraved with MIL-J-0837. The P-38 can opener is still available as a piece of military history and used by folks all around the world to open canned food, and available at Aircorpcamo.

  • The P-38 got it's name because of the size of it is 38 mm long.
  • The larger P-51, designed for opening the large canned food trays used in field kitchens is 51 mm long.


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