Rothco G.I Aviation Survival Fire Starter

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U.S. Government-Department of Defense (DOD) Issue Magnesium Fire Starter

Rothco's G.I. (Government Issue) Aviation Fire Starter has a magnesium shaving edge and sparking insert. A G.I. would use their issued knife or bayonet as a striking steel. Carried by military aircrews, soldiers, sailors, and airmen. An important tool for survival in the wilderness where 3 things are important heat, shelter, water and food. A pocket size tool that can handle a big job. Dependable, simple to use and convenient. This fire starter is a great tool for any outdoor or survival/emergency situation or your bug out bag.

Owner Personal Note: I carried one in my pack every time I deployed, a small but very useful tool that fits in your pocket or pouch nicely. Field tested and approved.

TSgt C.W. Cason, USAF Security Forces, Retired and 2Lt/2/C/1 South Carolina State Guard



(No reviews yet) Write a Review