Rothco Retro Vintage Style 100% Cotton Twill Chino Pants are manufactured from 100% Washed Cotton twill fabric, and feature 4 pockets, plus a small concealed pocket and a zipper fly. Are you old enough to remember these from the 1960's?

Aircorpcamo is happy to announce we have some in stock. Yes we have these once popular Chinos, available again and making a resurgence in the fashion world.

Limited Sizes Available:

  • 28/Inseam 31
  • 30/Inseam 31
  • 32/Inseam 32
  • 34/Inseam 32
  • 36/Inseam 32
  • 38/Inseam 32
  • 40/Inseam 32
  • 42/Inseam 32
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